Congress of the Philippines


Renato N. Bantug Jr.
THE SENATE SECRETARY assists the Senate President in extending adequate and timely legislative and administrative support to the offices of Senators. It exercises supervision and control over all the offices, service units, officers and employees of the Senate Secretariat. It serves as the clearinghouse of all the activities of the Secretariat. It formulates plans, policies and programs aimed to professionalize the institution.


Reginald S. Velasco
THE SECRETARY-GENERAL carries out and enforces orders and decisions of the House; keeps the Journal of each session; notes all questions of order together with the decisions thereon; complete the printing and distribution of the Records of the House and submits to the Speaker all contracts and agreements approval; acts as the custodian of the property and records of the House and all other government property in its premises. Subject to the supervision control of the Speaker, the Secretary General is the immediate chief of the personnel of the House and is responsible for the faithful and proper performance of their official duties.

Like the Speaker, the Secretary General is elected by a majority vote of all the Members at the commencement of each Congress.